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Mixes that sound amazing

I want to help your music cut through the noise, turn listeners into fans, and give you a release you'll be proud to show off.

No more re-tracking, no more re-mixing...It's time to get it out there.
Click "Let's Talk" below so we can discuss your project and figure out if we're a great fit.

It's never cost less to get great results recording from home. But your time is better spent on the mission-critical tasks that can mean the difference between success and failure. The most important aspect of your music is YOU, and if you're trying to write, record, produce, mix and master yourself, you could be wasting time AND missing out on listeners and opportunities.

Create the art that only YOU can - let me help you cross the finish line.




I can take your raw tracks and give them the bite, punch and clarity they need to make your song stand out.


 I'll transform your good take into a great take.

I can edit and align instrumentals, and pitch correct vocals that need some help.


Recording DI guitars at home?

I can provide you a great guitar tone that you'll love, tailored to your song.

My Work

My Work


Anthony Sallustio

Anthony Sallustio

Shortly after picking up guitar when I was young, like many others in bands, I was trying to figure out recording. Me and my bandmates opted to record ourselves; we bought similar equipment musicians are buying now (except worse), and learned - after many years of trial and error - how to make a very mediocre recording. This journey took me all the way from a band, to college for audio engineering, to now, being a full-time audio engineer.

I did eventually get better mixes than when I started, but it took an inordinate amount of time and money, and we eventually gave up on our band. There wasn’t enough time to record ourselves, mix, and improve our work all while trying to write new music, and just live life! Because we wasted our time and never released much of anything, the world missed out BIG on us (we swear).

I wish to help bands better than mine, whose aim is to be much more successful and to NOT fall into the same traps and pitfalls of trying to do everything on your own. 

Music is hard.

The music industry is even tougher. 

You and your music deserve to be heard.

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